Optimizing Blogs: The New and Improved Way

Getting this blog off of the ground 10, or even 5 years ago would have been nearly impossible. There was no way to ensure that your blog could be searched for, and it would have been massively expensive to market and advertise for a website.

Currently, there are numerous ways to use social media, google, and SEO to give a blog or website an upper hand in converting searches into visits on their page. Using keywords in posts is an easy and simple way to start optimizing your blog or website. Keywords in posts means that if someone searches for a keyword you have elected for your post, the post will show up in searches for that word. For example, this post has a focus keyword of optimizing blogs. Every time that someone on the internet is searching for how to optimize their blog, they will see this page in their results. Using their metrics, google will put pages to the top of the results based on the accuracy, relevancy, and popularity.

Paying companies like google can increase your chance of being seen by searchers, but the best and easiest way to increase views through optimization is by selecting popular keywords, then writing and producing content that people need and want. Following the SEO optimization model with keywords is the easiest and cheapest way to optimize a blog post or website.

The Endless Struggle of a New York Knick

The New York Knicks rocked the boat with their ever impatient fan base last Thursday by taking a foreign player that most New Yorkers have never heard of. 19-year oldĀ Latvian power forward Kristaps Porzingis heard his name called as the 4th player selected in the NBA draft, then was immediately showered with boo’s from the New York crowd.

The newest member of the New York Knicks has flashed potential that had ESPN draft analyst Chad Ford proclaiming him as the second best player in the draft. Phil Jackson recognized that it would take a couple years for him to be ready, which was definitely not what Knick fans were hoping to hear. So goes the issue with the New York Knicks. The organization feels so much pressure from the rabid fan base that is New York sports fans to win right away that it often does not give its teams or players the chance to develop. For the first time in a long time, the New York Knicks made a move that enhanced their future over the present, and the fan base went crazy.

While media and fans alike seem to disagree with the pick, I thought it was the correct choice. At pick 4, there wasn’t much available, and Porzingis, if he pans out (which is a huge IF) will be the best player in the draft. Here’s hoping Knick fans can give the kid a chance to grow.

The Sixer Dilemma

When you look at the Philadelphia 76ers roster, you might be hard pressed to find a player you have ever heard of. Excluding former Michigan State star Jason Richardson, not a single player on the team has played any meaningful minutes in an NBA game.

The 76ers are in the midst of a controversial tanking plan. This plan is aimed at losing games with a cheap roster to improve the odds of taking a star player in the draft. The first part of the plan is working out perfectly- but the second part is proving to be much harder.owensix

Last year’s pick, Joel Embiid, has not played a single game, and Philly is concerned he may not be ready for next season. The 76ers have their choice of whatever player the Timberwolves and Lakers pass on. It is increasingly looking like that choice will be either D’Angelo Russell of Ohio State and Jahlil Okafor of Duke. Whichever player the team ends up with, the future of theĀ team will hinge on him. No pressure, Sixers fans!