The Sixer Dilemma

When you look at the Philadelphia 76ers roster, you might be hard pressed to find a player you have ever heard of. Excluding former Michigan State star Jason Richardson, not a single player on the team has played any meaningful minutes in an NBA game.

The 76ers are in the midst of a controversial tanking plan. This plan is aimed at losing games with a cheap roster to improve the odds of taking a star player in the draft. The first part of the plan is working out perfectly- but the second part is proving to be much harder.owensix

Last year’s pick, Joel Embiid, has not played a single game, and Philly is concerned he may not be ready for next season. The 76ers have their choice of whatever player the Timberwolves and Lakers pass on. It is increasingly looking like that choice will be either D’Angelo Russell of Ohio State and Jahlil Okafor of Duke. Whichever player the team ends up with, the future of the┬áteam will hinge on him. No pressure, Sixers fans!

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